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“Good acoustic is mental refreshment” by the acoustics specialist Professor Karlheinz Müller. The motivation of Müller-BBM is to deliver always the best acoustic solution for every challenge. With more than 60 years of history, the company, located in Planegg, a suburb of Munich, is one of the world’s leading engineering consultancies for room acoustics, building physics and environmental protection. Room acoustics has been one of the core businesses since the very beginning. Starting at the end of the 1950’s, alongside the continuing activity in room and building acoustics, the company branched into industrial noise control and noise protection in town planning and ship construction. Müller-BBM grew, and became known beyond the borders of Germany.

With the general increase in the importance of public address and sound reinforcement systems, the planning of high grade electro-acoustic systems developed to be a further area of expertise at Müller-BBM. The symbiosis of room acoustics and sound reinforcement systems led, some years later, to the birth of a new system: VIVACE. The collective acoustic knowledge at Müller-BBM merges with the bold, creative ideas of the developers to create a truly innovative product. Since 2015, Müller-BBM Acoustic Solutions GmbH manages the production, sales and development of the room acoustic and 3D audio system VIVACE.


/ 1946
Lothar Cremer receives approval to operate a business as consulting engineer for sound technology.

/ 1954
Lothar Cremer becomes Director of the Institute for Technical Acoustics at the University of Berlin. Helmut A. Müller takes over the „Schalltechnische Laboratorium Prof. Dr. Cremer”.

/ 1958
Helmut A. Müller continues with the Consultancy in Munich under his own name.

/ 1972
“Bolt Beranek Newman Inc.” sells its interest to employees of the Müller-BBM GmbH.

/ Since 2005
Initial development of VIVACE in the Müller-BBM internal research and development department.

/ 2008
Installation of the first permanent VIVACE system – Theater an der Wien.

/ 2015
Müller-BBM Acoustic Solutions GmbH assumes management of production, development and sales of VIVACE.

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