Bregenz Festival - a significant evolution


1946, one year after the end of the Second World War, the first Bregenz Festival Week took place. The city did not even have a theatre at that time but nevertheless the festival should take place. Once thought as stopgap solution the Lake of Constance became the stage. Today, it is safe to say that this proved a resounding success. Already in this first year, the festival became an internationally celebrated event.

Over the decades the floating stage has become an internationally recognized attraction for opera lovers, who are fascinated by the beauty of the natural scenery of Lake Constance, oversized stage designs and the unique listening experience.

The new sound system BOA 2.0 (Bregenz Open Acoustics) is used for the first time at this year’s premiere of Rigoletto. An essential component of the renewed system is the electronic room acoustic system VIVACE, which, as well as the Kling & Freitag loudspeakers, convinced the responsible persons in an intensive selection process. For this purpose, 29 loudspeaker masts were built around the auditorium, which are equipped at different heights with carefully aligned loudspeakers.

For the 7,000 listeners , VIVACE ensures an impressive ambient sound that allows both the intimate sonic moments and the monumental force and drama of the Verdi score, the foundation for a unique and unforgettable experience.

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