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Museum Reinhard Ernst, Wiesbaden

Categories: Event, Multipurpose hall
The new "sugar cube" for Wiesbaden houses the ultra-modern, multifunctional Vivace event space.

Hemsedål Skigaarden, Norway

Categories: Multipurpose hall
In the heart of the Norwegian ski area Hemsedal Skicenter, the Skigaarden was opened as a new attraction for ski and mountain enthusiasts at the end of 2023. According to the motto “Eat – Drink – Stay”, a residence meeting the highest culinary, social, and acoustic standards was built with uncompromising quality and attention to detail.

Farnes Church, Norway

Categories: Event, Multipurpose hall
"The Church of Farnes is finally complete after 36 years." Pastor Olav Nese – As part of the renovation of Farnes Church, the previously used electronic room acoustic system, VRAS system, has been replaced with a modern VICELLO system from Müller-BBM Acoustic Solutions GmbH to achieve an extension of the reverberation time to up to 6 seconds. The system was installed and calibrated by our Scandinavian distributor Jo Wang (Panpot AS).

Tolga Culture Hall, Tolga, Norway

Categories: Multipurpose hall
With VIVACE the experienced reverberation time of the room can be adjusted to the requirements and preferences of the event organisers.

Bamble Culture Hall, Bamble, Norway

Categories: Multipurpose hall
In the south of the province Fylke Vestfold og Telemark lies the Norwegian municipality of Bamble.

Humboldt Forum, Berlin, Germany

Categories: Multipurpose hall
By means of VIVACE the conference room there, which is optimized for speech, can be transformed into a vivid, highly flexible hall for concerts and events of all kinds.

Åsane Kulturhus, Bergen, Norway

Categories: Multipurpose hall
The electronic room acoustic system VICELLO was installed in the slightly smaller multipurpose hall.

Davos Festival, Davos, Switzerland

Categories: Event, Multipurpose hall
With the temporary installation of the VIVACE system, the existing acoustics were expanded to a natural concert hall sound, which enthused visitors, musicians and critics equally.

Lillestrøm Kultursenter, Lillestrøm, Norway

Categories: Multipurpose hall
VIVACE creates a variable room acoustics for the different uses of the culture centre in Lillestrøm.

Ål Kulturhus, Ål, Norway

Categories: Multipurpose hall
The hall is specially designed for the production and performance of folk music and folk dance with acoustic sound system and floors of the highest quality. The room can also be used for multi purpose events like acoustic concerts, choir and seminars.

Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen, Germany

Categories: Event, Multipurpose hall
In order to transform the acoustically dry museum hall into a lively chamber music hall the electronic room acoustic system VIVACE was temporarily installed.

Shijingshan Cultural Center, China

Categories: Concert Hall, Multipurpose hall
The newly constructed “Shijingshan Cultural Center” combines diverse features like a concert hall, a multifunctional hall, a recording studio, a basketball hall, a school of arts as well as a restaurant.

Concert Hall, BOK Art Center, Sejong, South Korea

Categories: Multipurpose hall
An installation of the Electronic Room Acoustic System VICELLO in Sejong.

City Hall, Chengdu, China

Categories: Concert Hall, Multipurpose hall
Installation of the Electronic Room Acoustics System VIVACE for the acoustic optimization in the drama theatre.

Lørenskog Hus Storstua, Cultural Center, Oslo, Norway

Categories: Multipurpose hall
Since January 2018, the Electronic Room Acoustics System VIVACE is used in the cultural center in Lørenskog.

Kulturhus, Bjørkelangen, Norway

Categories: Multipurpose hall
In the multifunctional hall in Bjørkelangen, Norway, the room acoustic is optimized by the Electronic Room Acoustics System VIVACE.

Rommen Skøle og Kultursenter, Oslo, Norway

Categories: Multipurpose hall
In a multi-purpose hall in Oslo in Norway, the room acoustic is optimized by the Electronic Room Acoustics System VIVACE.

Tabakov Theatre, Moscow, Russia

Categories: Theatre
In order to improve the conditions of the rommacoustics in the Moscow Theater, the VIVACE system is installed since 2016.

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