Planning and installation

The system is delivered as a complete system comprising processor, all audio-interfaces required, power amplifiers, loudspeakers including mounting brackets and microphones. The system is planned by using a 3D room model in which the positions of the microphones and loudspeakers are defined. The executing company installs the devices according to the planning documents submitted.

In addition, the following devices and services are to be supplied by the executing company:

  • Complete wiring
  • Cabinet (19“ rack, at least 20 height units)
  • WLAN network including system switch
  • Power supply
  • Installation of all loudspeakers and microphones according to the planning documents

The planning and the approval for the executing company as well as the complete calibration are performed by the acousticians of Müller BBM Acoustic Solutions GmbH. For the first commissioning and calibration an internet connection to the Müller-BBM ASO server is required. After calibration, up to 12 presets are available with different sound characteristics for various requirements reaching from the soloist rehearsal up to a choir concert.

The presets are selected via a web-browser app via WLAN, using any network-compatible device (e. g. Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows tablet or notebook). The app is password-protected so that unauthorized access is excluded. The WLAN, IP addresses and the app password can be defined by the user.

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