The VICELLO processor supports a maximum of 16 input channels for miniature microphones and 24 output channels for power amplifiers, where up to 30 loudspeakers can be connected. The microphones are each positioned between the loudspeakers to register the room sound as well as the emitting loudspeaker signal for regenerative processing.

The basic version of VICELLO uses the same processing algorithms as the room-acoustic system VIVACE which has been operated for many years worldwide in famous opera houses and concert halls and used enthusiastically by renowned orchestras, conductors and soloists. All signals and impulse responses are processed at a sample rate of 48 kHz and an amplitude depth of 24 bit. The registered microphone signals are combined with especially developed impulse responses and convolution algorithms to tonally widen and optimize the room in its perception without audible alienation.

The individual loudspeaker contributes to the room sound only with a small share. Therefore the loudspeaker signals are not perceivable even at directly adjacent audience seats. It is only by superimposing the different loudspeaker signals, that the modified room sound is created. The added energy shares homogeneously blend in the room sound and do not differ from natural acoustics. This is also reflected in measurement recordings.

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