Sound art for rooms

With the electronic room-acoustic system VICELLO you transform your room into a concert hall with natural-sounding acoustics. At the push of a button acoustically dry and damped rooms develop a vivid and free room sound, multiplying the joy of singing and making music. Suddenly the room carries the music and a clean intonation becomes an effortless matter of course.

Like in a concert hall, room acoustics also play the decisive role in an auditorium, assembly hall, a multipurpose hall or in the hall of a music school. Only if the sound of the instruments can fully develop, the artistic performance becomes a really unique experience for musicians and audience. With the right acoustics the room will be the instrument, a vivid and important part of the music.

Small live rooms are often too loud. With VICELLO the music will not be louder, it remains detailed and transparent. After a short familiarization, it is hardly imaginable how music was played in this room before.

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