Application range

VIVACE appeared on the market in 2008, and has been thrilling and exciting music lovers around the globe ever since. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in Denmark, Italy and Russia, in China, Australia and the United Arab Emirates, VIVACE improves the room acoustics of Opera Houses, Theatres and Concert Halls of the most varying natures. Every Venue offers its own new and unimagined possibilities. VIVACE exploits these possibilities to create acoustic marvels, and provide listening experiences that linger on in the hearts of all who hear them.

Six factors for optimal natural acoustics

  • Primary studio microphones in the stage area
  • Secondary condenser microphones in the auditorium
  • Recorded impulse responses from acoustically excellent rooms
  • Patented internal signal processing
  • Loudspeakers all around the audience
  • And not the least of it, the expertise of our sound engineers, to create the perfect mix for the room

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