Generation of 3D sound

  • Complementation of the elemental room acoustics by adding additional tonal components from numerous loudspeakers arranged around the audience
  • Use of patented algorithms for creating natural sound fields based on measured impulse responses from acoustically outstanding halls
  • Use of few high-class studio microphones at optimum recording positions for gaining precise and acoustically substantive input signals (additional microphones in the auditorium, if necessary)
  • Parallel generation of up to four independent 3D sounds for the individual design of different areas or stage positions inside the hall or for a soft cross-fading between different room situations

Sound reinforcement system and effects

  • Free movement of sound objects in the room controlling direction, size and distance
  • Embedding of the objects into site-specific sounds
  • Reproduction of any multi-channel format
  • Optimum directional effect for the respective feasible loudspeaker layout
  • Better speech intelligibility in reverberant settings
  • Sound reinforcement with natural sound perception

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