• Touchscreen for the setting of fixed pre-sets, custom-made in the adjustment process for individual hall configurations or orchestra sizes
  • Remote software:
    - detailed adaptations of the pre-sets for skilled Tonmeisters and sound design engineers
    - controlling and automation of source movements and 3D sound effects
  • Possible remote control settings (pre-set modes and automation control):
    - mixing desks (MIDI, MMC)
    - sound feeds (MIDI-timecode, MMC)
    - media control systems (ethernet, MIDI)
    - tracking systems
    - source positioning and programming via touchscreen and special 3D pointing devices

Calibration and Tuning

  • In the initial system tuning, technically precise frequency responses, levels and delays are set.
  • For fine adjustment, the resulting 3D sound is designed in cooperation with the artistic directors during rehearsals and concerts. It is adapted to match the desires and ideas of the customer.
  • In the course of subsequent rehearsals and concerts, further fine adjustments and optimisations can be made for particular orchestra instrumentations or special kinds of events.

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