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    Müller-BBM Acoustic Solutions is one of the market leaders offering electro-acoustic systems for prolongation of reverberation time and acoustical effects. Our product VIVACE has already been in successful use in numerous events of all kinds.

  • Müller-BBM auf der Stage|Set|Scenery

    Eine erfolgreiche Messe geht zu Ende! Wir sagen Danke für Ihren  Besuch und die guten Gespräche.

  • VIVACE in open-air events

    In open-air events VIVACE ensures concert hall-like acoustic experiences.

  • VIVACE as a permanant installation

    A permanent installation of VIVACE allows for an individual acoustic design for each single performance, always custom-made to comply with the artists’ dreams and the requirements of the opus.

  • VIVACE for spoken theatre performances

    In spoken theatre performances VIVACE has an amplifying effect on the speakers’ voices, perceived as absolutely natural by the audience.

  • VIVACE for interim venues

    With the VIVACE system installed, an auditorium designed for musical performances with electroacoustic amplification can be used for all kinds of classical music concerts.